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We Carry The Meaning Of Wood Carving

"Lighting up life with the power of design" is the direction haozishop is committed to. I hope to inspire people's pursuit of simple, light, and noble life attitudes with these raw wooden handicrafts. 

From our own love of logs all the way, we have never relaxed the requirements of pure materials and excellent quality in the selection of wooden handicrafts, because we hope that every single product sold is green, original and unique. While making high-quality handicrafts, haozishop also pays attention to culture, life and emotions.

We hope that each product can bring people spiritual resonance, and we also hope that each product can communicate with you in a simple and timeless way at home. Long-term companionship "wood has life" is the key word for the budding of every idea. Who are we? We are a group of people who have a passion for wood, and we look forward to seeing you who are also passionate!

Sustainable design increases happiness

Good design is sustainable in essence, as it is designed to last centuries of use at best. Design is cherished and repaired, maintained and donated onwards, which means it distributes happiness from one generation to the next.

We don’t like materialism, but love aesthetics. We see less as more, and so everything, however small, should be chosen with care. Quality is not elitism, but sustainability.

We curate, sell and deliver design to hundreds of customers around the world on a daily basis, which is why we wish to pay further attention to the sustainability of our actions. The design world has yet to reach the finish line when it comes to sustainable practices; rather, continuous work is needed. We have the expertise and enthusiasm to go the extra mile.


Solid Wood Handicraft

Wood carving is a form of woodworking by means of a cutting tool (knife) in one hand or a chisel by two hands or with one hand on a chisel and one hand on a mallet, resulting in a wooden figure or figurine, or in the sculptural ornamentation of a wooden object. The phrase may also refer to the finished product, from individual sculptures to hand-worked mouldings composing part of a tracery. The making of sculpture in wood has been extremely widely practised, but doesn't survive undamaged as well as the other main materials like stone and bronze, as it is vulnerable to decay, insect damage, and fire. It therefore forms an important hidden element in the art history of many cultures. Each of our solid wood handicrafts is hand-carved from North American black walnut and beech.With the charming Nordic design, these wooden handicrafts are favorited as a wood toys for everybody. These wooden crafts are made by 100 percent of different wood types, special design and complicated handicraft. These wooden handicrafts will bring you much joy and relax. Besides, these cute wooden crafts are suitable as a room decoration or a creative gift for anybody.

Painted Wooden Carving

Every wood grain reveals the traces of time, it is not only a decoration, more inheritance of a period of time past. We feel and listen to nature from it. Sublimate the soul and restore the most authentic self.

About painted wood carvings, everything comes from our creative release. We want our handicrafts to be more vivid and emotional, so we have made some personalized creative designs. At the same time, we hope it can enrich your life. Our painted wood carvings are painted with desalinated acrylic paint without any harm to the human body. The fine carving is lifelike. To relatives and friends, to lovers. Housewarming gifts. Everyone will fall in love with this lovely little guy.The fine carving is lifelike. It is a great choice for decoration.

Vintage Biplane Propeller Aircraft Wood Carving Model

Biplane, airplane with two wings, one above the other. In the 1890s this configuration was adopted for some successful piloted gliders. The Wright brothers’ biplanes (1903-09) opened the era of powered flight. Biplanes predominated in military and commercial aviation from World War I through the early 1930s, but the biplane’s greater maneuverability could not offset the speed advantage of the lighter monoplane.

After World War II, biplanes were used only for special purposes: crop dusting and sport (aerobatic) flying. In the mid-1930s Adolf Busemann proposed the supersonic biplane, having a quite narrow gap (space between wings) in which expansion waves and shock waves would interact to reduce drag (the “shape drag” due to the thickness of the airfoil sections). A biplane having one much smaller wing (usually the lower) is called a sesquiplane. A few triplane designs proved successful during World War I; powered aircraft with four or more main lifting surfaces have never been more than curiosities.

Vintage Steam Train Locomotive Wood Carving Model

Steam locomotives were first developed in the United Kingdom during the early 19th century and used for railway transport until the middle of the 20th century. Richard Trevithick built the first steam locomotive in 1802. Salamanca, built in 1812 by Matthew Murray for the Middleton Railway, was the first commercially successful steam locomotive.Locomotion No. 1, built by George Stephenson and his son Robert's company Robert Stephenson and Company, was the first steam locomotive to haul passengers on a public railway, the Stockton and Darlington Railway, in 1825.

In 1830 George Stephenson opened the first public inter-city railway, the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. Robert Stephenson and Company was the pre-eminent builder of steam locomotives in the first decades of steam for railways in the United Kingdom, the United States, and much of Europe. From the early 1900s, steam locomotives were gradually superseded by electric and diesel locomotives, with railways fully converting to electric and diesel power beginning in the late 1930s. The majority of steam locomotives were retired from regular service by the 1980s, although several continue to run on tourist and heritage lines.

Always open

We want to be a store that both customers and employees find effortless to enter. Equipped with an easily approachable attitude, we work together to ensure that as many as possible feel welcome within the world of design.

Licence to do

The best way to solve problems is to roll up one’s sleeves and get to work. We are able to learn and develop each day by trying out new things.


We are a community of professionals, whose work brings joy both to us and our customers. Our designs offer enduring happiness that lasts from one generation to the next.